About Us

Orlando-based death metal band Holy Hatred is excited to have performed their first show at the Rec Center in St. Cloud, Florida. Only a two man band for right now. Lead singer and bassist, Elijah Carr says that we do not need a guitarist at this point. His bass playing sounds like a rhythm guitar. In the near future, they will be adding guitarists for added effect.
When asked what are his inspirations for his songs that he writes, he says that they focus on the unique progressions and battles of his life with the intention of inspiring and entertaining his fans, drawing inspiration from life experiences such as love, death and pain.
Holy Hatred currently has three songs: Cohan Gadol, the septuagint, and conversion of the visigoths.
The band says that the main message that they want to get out is to help those who struggle with depression, abuse, anger management and alcohol and drug addictions to find the inner strength to rise above all the madness of this world and find a true sense of inner peace and hope. We all have our unique ways to find this path to inner peace and hope, and music is one way to do that.
Holy Hatred is currently booking new upcoming shows. Stay tuned to www.HolyHatred.com for more information on these upcoming shows.
GMM Creative Group is currently managing their website and social media accounts.